“The test scores leaked, sir,” said the Vice President of Marketing. He slipped a portfolio across the desk and straightened out his coat.

The CEO looked up. “Give it to me straight,” he said.

“Verbal, first grade; reading, first grade; math, did not chart. This company’s if the public finds out.”

“Quote unquote finished,” said the CEO. He colored on his desk with crayons.

“Sir, this is serious. The shareholders will need answers.”

“Ya win some, ya lose some.”

“This could mean billions,” said the Vice President. “Please, think of the employees. We need a contingency plan.”

“The buck stops here. I am the alpha and the omega. It’s my way or the highway.” The CEO drove a tractor back and forth across the desk. The VP lowered his head. “We’re all in this together,” said the CEO. He gazed out the window. “We didn’t get this far to turn back now.”

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